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CJ 321: Public Affairs Reporting | University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire | Dec. 5, 2007 | Vol. 8, No. 1

John and Ryan Nelson with their pumpkins John and Ryan Nelson take their pumpkins to market. The family has sold their produce since 1995. (Photo by Judy Nelson)
Local family promoting local goods
Buying locally produced goods is encouraged more now than ever. However, several groups of people are calling for the government to join them in helping others to buy locally.

Global warming influences eco-voters
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student Zac Driscoll says the threat of global warming inspires him to not only live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, but will also influence his vote in the 2008 presidential primaries. Audio

Graduating students face health care crisis
Many recent college graduates will be unable to afford insurance after graduation due to rapidly rising health care costs. The high cost of insurance has the entire nation debating the future of health care in the United States.

Student Senate determines budget
Student Body President Ray French said the Student Senate plays an important role at UW-Eau Claire, including the allocation of student segregated fees and implementing policies that affect the entire campus.   Audio

Future of Social Security uncertain
Social Security has been the subject of election debate since the 1970s.  As the Baby Boomer generation reaches elegibility to receive these benefits,  many are wondering about the future a system that might run out in 20 years.

Civil rights debated over bill's wording
A highly debated bill co-authored by U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin seeks protection from workplace discrimination against sexual orientation and gender identity, but there is debate whether gender identity should be included.

Food safety concerns local consumers
Presidential candidate John Edwards main goal about food safety is to add origin labels and make the FDA more involved.  Local food consumers and packagers could be getting more in-depth information about the food they buy.

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Immigrants seek U.S. candidates' help
An immigrant with a Green Card and a U.S. citizen from Cuba give their differing viewpoints on the presidential candidates' immigration positions. They hope to get some support and understanding.   Spanish text and audio

The Iraq War: Protecting or problematic?
The majority of Americans believe the situation in Iraq is getting worse, according to a recent Gallup poll. Two UW-Eau Claire students agree that it is the most important issue in the upcoming election. Download or play the audio

Health care at the top of 2008 issues
As Bush heads into his last year as president, the challenge of providing affordable health care passes onto presidential hopefuls of both Republican and Democratic parties. Each party has their own idea for the future of U.S. health care.

State budget woes afflict UW-Eau Claire
The recently passed 2007-09 Wisconsin budget provides funds to enhance UW-Eau Claire's educational mission, which includes renovating the Davies Center and additional funding for nursing, education, and NanoSTEM research.

War comes into focus as election nears
With the 2008 elections fast approaching, a recent poll by CNN found that only 30 percent of Americans find the war in Iraq morally justified. Some Eau Claire students are starting to believe their votes could affect U.S. war policy.

Democrats and Republicans take different views on how students should pay for school
As the 2008 Presidential Election approaches, local university students look to candidates and their parties to hear how they would combat the rising cost of tuition.

Health care key in presidential election
In a recent national poll, health care rated as the second most important issue of the 2008 presidential election. But for some people in Eau Claire, the candidates proposed changes canít just be words, they have to bring action.

Americans hoping for affordable health care
The high cost of health insurance is one reason why at least 45 million people are living without it in the United States.  Presidential candidates are proposing solutions, but in the end what will be done to make health care affordable?

Richardson leaves Lake Superior alone
Despite the growing need for new water resources in the Southwest, presidential candidate Bill Richardson, Democratic governor of New Mexico, remains steadfast in his claim to leave bodies of water in their natural basins.