The Karner Blue Butterfly: Restoring Habitat for an

Endangered Wisconsin Native

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Since 1997, Dr. Kleintjes and several undergraduate students from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire have been working to restore and conserve Karner blue butterfly Lycaeides melissa samuelis habitat in eastern EC County and on private conservation reserve program land. Please refer to the following article for details on one of their projects.

Kleintjes, P. K., J. M. Sporrong, C. A. Raebel and S. F. Thon. 2003. Habitat type conservation and restoration for the Karner blue butterfly: a case study from Wisconsin.  Ecological Restoration 21:107-115.

Currently, undergraduate Jodi Swanson is studying the interaction of the meloid beetle, Lytta sayi, with the Karner and its host plant, Lupinus perennis.

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Above: wild Lupine are found growing mainly in sand prairies, pine barrens and oak savannas. 


Paula K. Kleintjes, Ph.D.
Department of Biology

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Updated 11-11-2003