The Children’s Hour

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Triple portrait showing Longfellow's three daughters: Anne Allegra aged about 4 to the right front; Edith aged about 6 to the left, and Alice Mary aged about 9 to the right rear. This painting was engraved and widely distributed as an illustration for Longfellow's poem "The Children's Hour." Because of the awkward composition, a rumor circulated that Annie was born without arms. (Maine Memory Network)

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Longfellow (27 February 1807 – 24 March 1882) wrote the Children’s Hour in 1860.  It was published in the September issue of the Atlantic Monthly, and captures something of the loving times he spent  with his daughters.  The picture to the right is Thomas Buchanan Read’s portrait of the three daughters, painted in 1859.  You can click on the picture for a larger image.

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