Immersion in Turkey
Spring/Summer 2012

Program Press Release Oct 2010
Tea on the Bosphorus

2012 Program Summary (pdf)
2012 Program Schedule (pdf)
Spring 2012 Syllabus
U.S. State Dept -- Travel Info for Turkey
Turkey Travel Planner

UPDATE -- 27 January 2012

  1. Blog for UWEC in Turkey 2012 has been started. Follow along by clicking here. Use istanbul12 to access the blog.

  2. Article in early December's Time Magazine Cover Story on Turkey's Prime Minister. Gives some insight into how Islam and secular democracy are working.

  3. The application process for the faculty-led summer immersion study abroad in Turkey 2012 has been extended to the end of the semester. Please apply as soon as you are able. While there is still room in the program, our emailing last week generated much interest, and one of the benefits of the program is its relatively small size. Click here for the application page.

  4. The IDIS 355 seminar in Spring semester 2012 meets Friday afternoons from 2-5.   This is the mandatory course which intellectually and practically prepares students for the summer experience. While Friday afternoons sometimes seem like a bad time for classes, it is a time when the week's responsibilities are past, and we can relax a little bit.  The structure of the class is varied, and will include language instruction, presentations, movies, discussions, history, culture, geography, environment, religion, and practical travelling information.  You will like it.

  5. The estimated costs for the program can be found here. Please note that 3/5ths of the estimated immersion costs are tuition for three credits and roundtrip airfare. Blugold Committment Differential Tuition offsets much of the cost and makes the experience a great deal

  6. For a good idea of the meaningfulness of the program, read  Monthlong immersion in Turkey empowers and motivates students from a UWEC press release. It was the basis for an article in this past Sunday's Leader-Telegram.

  7. We are fine tuning our summer program. Click on the Turkey Travel Planner for one web site full of information on Istanbul and Turkey. It is good for participants and their families to begin anticipating what the summer will be like. Other websites will be added as we identify them, and will be used to supplement course readings.

  8. Summer Schedule. Click here for a draft of the summer schedule. While it may still change as we develop the details, it gives some indication of what we will be doing in Istanbul and Turkey.

  9. If you have any questions that cannot be answered on these pages, or would like to discuss the program further, please email Dr. Paul Kaldjian or Dr. Ari Anand, the faculty leaders for the program this year.