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Symposium Poster
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Tlaquilpa, Veracruz, Mexico

Click on the above photograph to order greeting cards with images of Veracruz (proceeds support community development in Tlaquilpa & Astacinga)

Picking tomatoes under contract

Click on above image from El Contrato for the viewer guide to the documentary.


Student Research Symposium

On 10 December 2007, the students of the GEOG 401 Capstone course, a field research-based senior seminar, hosted a symposium in which they presented the results of their research.

In the evening, the keynote address was presented by Mr. Nathan Wolf, Consul of Mexico, St. Paul, MN. The prepared text of his address will be posted when available. The audience was welcomed by Dr. Don Christian, the Dean of the UWEC College of Arts and Sciences. Before the presentation, the North Central Council of Latin Americanists presented an Award of Merit to Ms. Shaun Duvall and Puentes/Bridges, Inc. for their outstanding achievement in bring the the general public a greater awareness of the the nations, peoples and cultures of Latin America. The symposium concluded with a showing of El Contrato (National Film Board of Canada, 2003.



En Español

In English

Factores de inmigración en Wisconsin
(Daniel Drung)
¿Por qué se migra?
(Sarah Kaiser)
Ethnic parallels 
in rural Wisconsin
(Wendy Hageness)
Las remesas y sus influencias en los pueblos de Veracruz
(Kaylyn Kertzman)
Human variables, locational trends, and other factors that influence attitudes  toward Hispanic immigration
(Brandon Miller)
Asimilación y el migrante
(Barb Thees)
Migrant labor & Western Wisconsin’s dairy industry
(Sarah Janes)
Los impactos sociales a la familia migratoria
(Rachel Meneghini)
Trans-border communication
(Eugene Boyd)
Opiniones de la frontera
(Jessica Mills)
Women and children left behind in Mexico
(Jade Gagnon)
Educación, redes y migración
(Gina Livinston)
Immigration and human rights
(Heidi Jackson)
Analisa DeGrave & Manny Fernandez, Foreign Languages
Karen Havholm, Asst Vice Chancellor for Research, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs