GEOG 369: Reading Review Form

After a class reading, complete the form below before the class period for which the reading is due.

1) Author/Title of reading
2) Full citation of reading
3) Who is the author (position, background, qualifications)? Who is the intended audience?
4) Reading summary: What is/are the author's main point(s), i.e., what is she/he trying to get across?  Does the author do a good job of it (ie, are the main points supported)?  Explain.
5) What is the significance of the article and its primary points?
6) Response:  What new insights does this article give you? What is your favorite concept or example from the reading? What troubles you?
7) For Class Discussion: What questions does this reading raise for you? What significant issues does it raise that we should discuss in class?
8) Overall, how does this paper enhance your understanding of the course? How is this paper connected to other course materials?
9) Your UW-Eau Claire student ID# is:
10) Your UW-Eau Claire e-mail address is:
11) Your name is:

 Last updated:31-Aug-2006