Event Review Form
GEOG 111 (Kaldjian)

After attending an event for class,
submit this completed form within 7 days.
(Do not hit the return key when you are
answering questions 1-3 & 9-11;
doing so immediately submits your answers.)

1) Name of event/visit/movie:
2) Date of event/visit/movie:
3) Presenter/author/director/performer(s) of event/visit/movie:
4) What place(s) are presented or represented in the event/visit/movie.
How does this experience affect your perception of that place?
5) Briefly summarize the event.
6) What was the highlight of the event/visit/movie?

7) What did you learn and why is it significant? How does
it relate to concepts from GEOG 111?

8)  Overall, do you recommend the event/visit/movie?  Why or why not?
9) Your major is:
10) Your UW-Eau Claire e-mail address is:
11) Your name is:

 Last updated: 17 Januargy 2014