UWEC's Academic Goals
As part of providing a liberal education, UW-Eau Claire requires a series of general education courses designed to foster the intellectual, personal, cultural and social development of each student.  UWEC's intent and effort is that these general education courses -- on top of specific disciplinary programs and requirements --  will help each student, regardless of major, to meet a series of academic goals by graduation.  Meeting these goals (we hope) properly prepares each student for a lifetime of exploring, learning, reflecting, understanding, contributing, participating and communicating.

General Education courses are designed to meet some (but not all) of UWEC's eleven baccalaureate goals, listed below. GEOG 111 meets all these goals through course content, approach and requirements. To demonstrate how goals are being met by course work, each student is encouraged to keep a portfolio (see Baccalaureate Portfolio Project) of class assignments, projects, and other materials. If you need help to identify which assignment fits which goal and/or why, see me in class or email me at kaldjian@uwec.edu.

Academic Goals

1. an understanding of a liberal education
2. an appreciation of the university as a learning community

3. ability to inquire, think, analyze

4. ability to write, read, speak, listen

5. an understanding of numerical data
6. an historical consciousness
7. international and intercultural experiences
8. an understanding of science and the scientific method
9. an appreciation of the arts
10. an understanding of values
11. an understanding of human behavior and human institutions