The 1991 Bangladesh Cyclone Path

The cyclone that hit Bangladesh on April 29, 1991 was typical of others for that region of the Bay of Bengal; however, the warning systems were not adequate enough to warn the people of its advance. The storm originated about 6,000 km away and then took 20 days to reach the coast. The warm sea had a consistent temperature of over 80 0 F (26.6 0 C) and the weather conditions were favorable for the growth of it as well. The cyclone was detected as a depression (wind speed not exceeding 62 km/hr) on the 23rd April first in the satellite picture taken at SPARRSO from NOAA-11 and GMS-4 satellites. It turned into a cyclonic storm on 25 April. The cyclone in its initial stage moved slightly northwest and then north. From 28 April it started moving in a north-easterly direction and crossed the Bangladesh coast north of Chittagong port during the night of the 29th April (, Accessed 5-5-05). The storm at this time had a total diameter that was approximately larger than the entire country of Bangladesh.

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