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Har Karkom

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- 2008 -

GPR survey of Native American Burial Mounds, Wakanda Park, Menominee, WI

Geomorphology of Cliff-Top Parabolic Dunes within the Lower Chippewa River Valley, Upper Putnam Park, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Ground Penetrating Radar Imaging of Subaqueous Deposits within Half Moon Lake, Wisconsin

- 2007 -

Study of Beatty Junction Paleoshore Deposit, Death Valley National Park, CA
GPR (20.3 mb) (Presented at GSA 2007)
GIS big (28.2 mb) GIS small (3.19 mb)
GPS big (31.6 mb) GPS small (886 kb)
Laser Level big (40.5 mb) Laser Level small (922 kb)

GIS analysis of archaeological sites on Red Cedar River, WI.

Analysis of GPR survey from Har Karkom, Israel

Technical Report on soil study in Upper Putnam Park, Eau Claire, WI

Biogeographical survey of Upper Putnam Park using point transect method

Researched and wrote a scientific paper on the use of AMS dating techniques with implications in the North American Great Basin

Annotated bibliography on Drumlin Formation

Poster highlighting features studied at Chippewa Moraine State Park, WI
Glacial big (25.1 mb) Glacial small (10.3 mb)

Chippewa River field trip guide
Report (24.6 mb sorry about the size)

Developed a website highlighting karst features studied at Crystal Cave, WI

Digitized an urban and rural aerial photograph and created a poster explaining how
Aerial photo interpretation (4.28 mb)

Created images from satellite imagery and created a poster explaining process
Image creation process (6.00 mb)

- 2006 -

Analyzed the distribution of Indian burial mounds in Wisconsin using GIS
Mounds (2.14 mb)

Researched the causes for the Extinction of Megafauna in North America

Conducted a GPS survey of Brunet Island State Park, Cornell, WI
Brunet Island (3.70 mb) Mapping Process (3.49 mb)

Conducted a GPS survey of Upper Mt. Simon Park, Eau Claire, WI
Mt. Simon big (30.2 mb) Mt. Simon small (2.85 mb)

Created a bathymetric map of Arkdale Lake, WI
Map (4.74 mb)

Created a map of Minoqua, WI
Map (4.98 mb)

- 2005 -

Researched the religious beliefs of the Choctaw tribe
Choctaw (1.58 mb ppt)

- 2004 -

Researched the current citizenship controversy of the Tohono O'odham
Powerpoint presentation (1.02 mb)

Traveled to the Menomonee Indian Reservation and interviewed Fred Ackley and produced a presentation on the Crandon Mine controversy
Spirit Hill Presentation (2.85 mb ppt) Annotated Bibliography (33 kb doc)




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