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Presented at the 2007 meeting of the Association of American Geographers

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Phillip Larson

August 30, 2007 2:26 PM


Fluvial Landforms within the LCRV

Our research objective is to locate, map, and investigate the fluvial landforms of the Lower Chippewa River Valley. In 2007 an initial map was created through the use of USGS 1:24000 quadrangeles (topographic maps) and digital elevation models. These maps were analyised and compared in order to locate and distinguish landforms, mainly fluvial terraces. Using ArcGIS software and the aformentioned maps an initial terrace map was created showing the distribution and correlation of the terrace treads (surfaces). The map was presented at the Association of American Geographers annual meeting in San Francsico, CA, April 2007 and at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Student Research Day (were it won second place honors). The presentation poster can be downloaded by clicking the following link: AAG Chippewa Terrace Poster '07.

In the summer of 2008 research was resumed on the Chippewa River Terraces. After reviewing the initial terrace map it was realized that further study would be necessary in order to refine the earlier version of the terrace map. Many of the elevations were suspect to error and it was found that some terrace remnants were mislabeled or missed all together. Using Trimble ProXR differentially corrected global positioning (dGPS) system many of the terraces were ground truthed to get more accurate elevation data. In the process of collecting the dGPS data numerous locations were investigated and acknowledged as missed terrace surfaces. Ground Penetrating Radar or GPR was also used in the course of this study. GPR surveys were conducted at several locations to try and identify the internal stratigraphy of the terraces.

Today undergraduate Phillip Larson is continuing his work from last year by working on the analysis and interpetation of the GPR and dGPS data. Adam Krieger has also become involved and is in the process of learning more about terraces and the methods being used. A map is being created with all the data gathered and will depict the corrected terrace surfaces. Elevation data from the dGPS is being used to correlate the terrace remnants throughout the river valley. The results of this study will be presented, again, at the Association of American Geographers annual meeting in Boston, MA, April 2008.


Eugene Boyd and Phillip Larson, GPR on the T-6 Terrace

Lindsay Olson and Eugene Boyd, GPR

Eugene Boyd and Phillip Larson, GPR on the T-6 Terrace