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Phillip Larson

September 21, 2007 12:48 PM

Aeolian Dunes within the LCRV

During the original terrace research of last year several researchers noticed what appeared to be Aeolian Dunes in certain locations within the Lower Chippewa River Valley. Mainly located along the edge of the Wissota Terrace (the highest and most prominent terrace in the LCRV) these dunes were quite large and had formed under normal natural processes (ie no anthropogenic cause). Research on these landforms has never been conducted and little is known about their age, structure, and origins.

Our research will focus on investigating the Aeolian Dunes in Putnam Park, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Ground Penetrating Radar, Optical Stimulating Lumiescense, Geoprobe cores, soil pits, and differentially corrected global positioning systems will all be used to investigate these features. An original map of similar dunes within the LCRV will be created by Lindsay Olson using SURRGO data ArcGIS software. GPR analysis and OSL dates should accompany the aformentioned map. Soil analysis will be done by the Geography 350: Soils class (taught by Dr. Garry Running), which will be incorporated into the other results. GPR analysis will be completed by Phillip Larson and Lindsay Olson under the supervision of Dr. Harry Jol. The results of the research will be presented by the above researchers at the AAG conference and the UWEC Student Research Day this coming spring (2007).

If you have a questions please feel free to contact any of the above researchers or the webmaster. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.



Adam Krieger and Lindsay Olson, GPR on the Putnam Park Dune

Phillip Larson, Eugene Boyd, and Lindsay Olson, GPR Putnam Park Dune.

Image by: Phillip Larson