St. Rose Cemetery and the Baby Lot

St. Rose Cemetery is located in Chippewa County approximately 1.6 kilometers west of Cadott, Wisconsin. The cemetery is located on slightly elevated terrain with the Yellow River to the north and a small gully to the east. The soil type is Menahga loamy sand. This sandy soil is highly permeable and well drained. These soil characteristics are important because sandy soils tend to be more acidic which can expedite the decomposition of wood coffins. If a body was not buried in a cement vault, as many Wisconsin communities require, the burial may decompose in as little as 20 years. Many cemeteries in Wisconsin require cement vaults; however this and other regulations regarding cemeteries are not often regulated and rarely enforced by any central agency particularly before the 1950’s.


This map shows the location of Cadott, Wisconsin.

This is a topographic map of Cadott and the surrouding area. St. Rose Cemetery is located on west of Cadott and is on the left hand side of this map.


This is a map of the 'Baby Lot' portion of the cemetery. Each plot marked with yellow is a burial that is both on the in the sexton's records and it also has a surface marker. Plots that are green are recorded in the sexton's records, but there is no headstone or surface marker. The white areas are simply empty plots.