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Eng 305 (Technical Writing for General Audiences):

Yellowstone Caldera Presentation

Colorado River Feature Article

Enph 210 (Intro to Environmental and Public Health):

Final Group Poster (Renewable Energy)

Geog 199 (Computer Techniques in Geography):

GIS Radio station selection map

GIS Yugo selection map

GPS Project (Randall Park, Eau Claire, WI),

Final 199Portfolio

Geog 280 (Intro to Cartography):

1st Place NovoPrint Map (Glenwood Springs, CO)

Final 280 Project (Thematic Maps)

Geog 304 (Intro to Geomorphology):

Duluth- Park Point Team Website

Crystal Cave Team Website

Geog 326 (Geography Seminar):

The Origin of UWEC Students: A Gravity Model Approach

The Rural-Urban Fringe of Eau Claire-Chippewa Falls

Regional and Local Patterns of Orchard Production in Wisconsin

The Diffusion of Hybrid Corn in Wisconsin

The Drifless Area: Physical and Cultural Variables

Wisconsin's Northland

Geog 335 (Geographic Information Systems):

Bear Habitats

Final 335Project

Geog 338 (Remote Sensing of the Environment):

Digitizing Rural

Digitizing Urban

Image Processing

Geog 361 (Environmental Hazards):

Final Team Poster Presentation (SF Bay Earthquake)

Geog 363 (Watershed Analysis):

Coon Creek Field Trip Report

Final Consulting Project

Geol 301 (Earth Resources):

Gypsum Poster

Geol 312 (Mineralogy/Petrology I):

Stratigraphic Column: Mellen, WI