Stratosphere Tower
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Stop 1 Stratosphere Hotel

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: March 6, 2007

The Stratosphere Hotel, which is located at the Northern most end of the famous “Las Vegas Strip,” was constructed in 1996. This, not so old, hotel boasts one of the tallest observation towers in the United States at 1,149 feet (350 meters). To get to the top of the observation tower takes only a matter of minutes in the double-decker elevator that travels at 21 mph.  Once at the top, the observation tower opens up to a circular encased area that allows for a 360º view of the surrounding landforms.

Looking to the North one can see a mountain range off in the distance.  These mountains are at the southern end of the Desert National Wildlife Range.  This range was harder to see on this particular day because of all of the smog that was coming from other areas like California.  Moving around the observation tower to the East there is another mountain range off in the distance.  This mountain range is the Sunrise Range and is part of the Colorado Plateau.  This mountain range is a grayish color with visible bedding in a predominately diagonal direction.  In some areas there is evidence of water erosion amongst the jagged peaks. (picture at right)    Moving along to the Southern portion of the observation tower off in the distance is yet another mountain range.  The mountain range to the south is called, McCullough RangeThis range is similar to the Sunrise Mountains because they are very jagged and grayish in color.  To the west are the Spring Mountains.  The Spring Mountain Range is the range with the highest point surround Las Vegas.  This point is referred to as Mt. Charleston and is this tall 11,918 ft (3632.6 m).  The Spring Mountains not only stand out from the other surrounding mountain areas because of height but also because of color.  There are portions of the Spring Mountains that have a red color to them unlike the other ranges. Among the mountain ranges that can be seen in all directions from the observation tower the elaborate network of street can also be seen.


The East view from the Stratosphere Hotel shows the Sunrise Mountains. 
By Shana Neumann