Temple of Sinawava / The Narrows
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Stop 31 Temple of Sinawava/The Narrows
Location: Zion National Park
Date: March 12, 2007

The Zion Narrows are one of the most spectacular parts of Zion Canyon.  Here the Virgin River has cut a narrow gorge in the Navajo Sandstone.  Because of the consistency of the bedrock the Virgin River was able to progressive and fairly rapidly, downcut through the sandstone leaving a gorge that at points is only 5 meters wide but well over 300 meters deep. 


A view of the narrows


As you travel down stream from the narrows this rapid downcutting has exposed older, less resistant rock layers (Kayenta, Moenave, Chinle Formations) beneath the Navajo Sandstone and has caused the valley to widen to the vast canyon that most think of when they think of Zion.


The narrows opens into the valley



By Philip Larson