Mosaic Canyon
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Stop 11 Mosaic Canyon
Location: 2.5 miles west of Stovepipe Wells, CA.
March 8, 2007

This valley was and still is a result of the erosive powers of water.  The walls of the canyon are perfectly smooth where the water has scoured the rock on its way down the canyon.  The canyon gets its name from the patches of breccias, accumulations of rock fragments, in the canyon walls.


A picture of the Breccia found in Mosiac Canyon


The bottom of the valley is very thin, showing large areas of erosion where the water
has been forced up because of the thin canyon.


The high walls of the canyon are evidence of eons of erosion in this small canyon


Halfway up the trail the canyon opens into a large area, gone are the high walls of perfectly smooth rock at the mouth of
the canyon replaced by smaller sections of smooth rocks at the bottom of the canyon walls.



By Jake McDonald