Glen Canyon Dam
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Stop 23 Glen Canyon Dam
Location: About 2 miles northwest of Page, AZ
Date: March 11, 2007

The Glen Canyon Dam is a 216 meters high structure which provides more storage capacity than all other storage features of the Colorado River Storage Project combined. The concrete arch dam has a crest length of 475 meters and contains 3,747,083 cubic meters of concrete. The dam is 7.62 meters wide at the crest and 91.44 meters wide at the maximum base. Its height above the Colorado River is 178 meters. After its construction began in 1963 Glen Canyon Dam began providing electricity to about 650,000 persons in the region. Today power from the dam serves 1.7 million people in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Nevada.


The sign at Glen Canyon Dam


A view of Glen Canyon Dam


The environmental impacts of dams are immeasurable and the shear size of Glen Canyon Dam only magnifies the area of its environmental impact. Since the dam began collecting water in its reservoir, the annual flooding and sediment transport ceased to occur. Since there have not been regular floods to scour away the banks, several invasive plant species such as Tamarix made their way into the ecosystem and have adversely affected other native species.


This picture shows the effects of the drought in the bleached rocks that used to be underwater



By David Speer