Big Dune
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Stop 6 Big Dune
Location: Located in the Amargosa Desert, 10 miles (16 km) south of the town of Beatty in southeastern Nevada
Date: March 7, 2007

Big Dune is located on an unpaved sand road off of Valley View Rd which is off of Nevada I-95.  The dune sediment was deposited due to aeolian (wind) and fluvial (water) processes from the Amargosa River.  The location of the Big Dune is on the point bar of the river, and as wind blew across the bar it picked up sand depositing it into the dune field.  This dune field is a migrating dune field, which means the dunes are constantly shifting and changing.


This is the biggest dune in the dune field at around 500 ft.


Big Dune is the start of a Star Dune.  Star dunes are created when the dominant wind blows a steep side of the dune and creates an arm.  As the wind shifts, more steep sides are created, and the arms of the dune rotate around the center, creating a star shape.



Big Dune is considered a “singing dune.”  The dune emits an acoustical energy when disturbed.  When the wind blows the sand grains across the surface of the dune, they make a soft sound.


What formed this Dune?



By Jacqueline Chambers