UWEC Earth Science Seminar Series Spring 2008
University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
The series will be held mostly at 4 pm on Fridays (typically biweekly) in Phillips Hall - Room P281.
Refreshments will be provided.
All are welcome.
Press Release

February 1

Steve Hasiotis
Department of Geology, The University of Kansas
"Title: "Traces of Life on Land: Using Ichnology to Understand the Diversity and Abundance of Organisms in Continental Strata"

February 2 (Workshop)
9am - 4 pm

Steve Hasiotis
Department of Geology, The University of Kansas
"Title: "Continental Trace Fossils Workshop"

February 8

Joe Hupy
Dept. of Geography and Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
"Title: "Assessing Landscape Disturbance and Recovery across a WWI Battlefield: Verdun, France"

February 22

Geoffrey Pignotta
Department of Geology, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
"Title: "Magma Chamber Construction and Evolution in the Sierra Nevada Batholith: Constraints from the Jackass Lakes Pluton"

February 29
12:00 (noon)

Julie Sexton
School of Education, Colorado State University
"Title: College Students' Conceptions of Rivers: A Case Study of Canyon Formation"

February 29

Kate MacLaurin
Department of Earth Sciences, Simon Fraser University
"Title: A Preliminary Assessment of the Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous Jackass Mountain Group, Chilko Lake area, British Columbia"

March 7

Ben Galluzzo
Department of Mathematics, University of Iowa
"Title: Subsurface Fluid Flow: A Discussion of Model Development"

March 8
9am - 4 pm
Ben Galluzzo & Joe Eichholz
Department of Mathematics, University of Iowa
"Title: Introduction to Groundwater Modeling Using Finite Difference Methods"
Contact Bianca Pedersen for more details

March 13
12:15 pm

Heather Hill
Department of Geological Sciences, University of Michigan
"Title: Abrupt Climate Change during the Last Ice Age"

March 27
7:00 pm


Matthew C. Nisbet
School of Communication, American University
"Title:Consensus and Conflict in Communicating about Science"

Press Release

March 28
2:00 pm

Matthew C. Nisbet
School of Communication, American University
"Title: Framing Science - Research Talk"

April 4


Randall Schaetzl
Department of Geography, Michigan State University
"Title: " Geographic Studies on Loess in the Upper Midwest: New Findings and Potentials"

til Fall 2008
(due to rescheduled UWEC field trip)

Chris Paola
National Center for Earth-Surface Dynamics (NCED)
University of Minnesota
"Title: Adventure in Experimental Stratigraphy"

May 2

Doug Hallum
Hydrogeologist, Nebraska Department of Natural Resources
Title: "Streambed Elevation Uncertainty and Implications for Modeling Stream Baseflow"

May 9



Rob Nurre
Landscape Historian, fomerly with the Wisconsin board of Commissioners of Public Lands
"Title: "Order Upon the Land: A Look at the Pre-Settlement Landscape of Wisconsin Through the Eyes of Alexander Anderson, Deputy Survey, in 1849 "

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