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Jockeys Ridge State Park

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Beth Wenell, Karen Havholm and Harry Jol, UWEC

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Dorothea Ames and Stan Riggs, East Carolina University

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Rich Whittecar, Old Dominion University

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Jockeys Ridge State Park, Nags Head, NC, January 1998 and 1999
Geological Society of America 1998 Annual Meeting, Toronto, ON, October 1998
Tri-State Geological Field Conference, Eau Claire, WI, September 1998
UWEC Student Research Day, Eau Claire, WI, April 1998 and 1999

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Brief summary:

We used Ground Penetrating Radar to determine the internal structure of four active backbarrier eolian dunes along the barrier island coast of North Carolina and Virginia.  The purpose of the project was to determine the history and possible causes of dune activity and dune stabilization in this region to predict the future of these dunes.

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This project was funded and/or supported by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Office of University Research, the Geological Society of America, the Friends of Jockeys Ridge, The Nature Conservancy at Nags Head Woods, and the North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation.