Ground Penetrating Radar

A Ground Penetrating Radar Investigation of Potential Native American Indian Burial Mounds at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin


Preliminary results of a ground penetrating radar (GPR) investigation of one of 13 low, circular mounds located within Fort Mcoy, Monroe Wisconsin are being researched.  The mounds are cataloged as burial mounds but recent work questions their validity.  The area in question is similar to natural landforms nearby and definitive cultural material in and around them has not been recovered.  GPR was used to examine the interior of Mound B non-evasively to determine if GPR data can be used to determine the origin of these mounds.  High resolution GPR data was collected in a 19.5 m by 20.5 m grid (200 MHz) antennae and analyzed in 3D using specialized software (Slicer).  Preliminary analysis supports suspicion that the mounds are natural rather than cultural features but further analysis is warranted.


Research Results

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