Hawaii Big Island

Day 2

"The Big Ride"

Ross Kleiner
Eric Halvorson

September 24, 2001

After a long day on Mauna Kea, the goals for this day included visiting one of the islands top coffee producers (Bay View Coffee Farm) along with several cultural and scenic sites.  We started off the day with a farm tour of the islands  world famous Kona coffee.  Our next stop was the City of Refuge.  It is name after it's sacred role in Hawaii's spiritual culture.  After lunch, and posing in the tree above, the grouped loaded back into the van and headed to the southern  most tip of the United Stated.  The final destination for the day was a long hike to Green Sands Beach.




   Cliff face at South Point
        Ross and Dan in front of Bay View Farm Sign Green Sands Beach
        Ocean wave erodes cliff face at South Point. Hawaii State Flag

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