New Zealand Capstone 2008
Milford Kew

Penguins New Zealand Adventure

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UWEC Student Research Day

Dr. Harry Jol

Penquins Adventure


Penguin came along on the journey to New Zealand.  He was very excited to take an adventure to his homeland and meet his long lost relatives. 


It was Penguin’s first time riding in an airplane and he was very nervous!


Penguin could not get over the beautiful Southern Alps, but was afraid of an avalanche.  So he stayed in the car at Arthur’s Pass.


But Penguin could not pass up the opportunity to climb the glacier!  He was quite the climber and proved his small size was no big deal.


Driving to Jackson Bay, Penguin got his hopes up when he saw a sign that said Penguins were coming up.  Unfortunately, the Penguins were all at home when we arrived at the beach.  No Penguins today.


In Te Anau on lunch break, Penguin tried to play with the ducks, but they wanted nothing to do with him.  Oh well.


Penguin thought he would be able to find his relatives at Milford Sound.  Instead, he got a little sea sick and had to go to bed early. 


Mt. Cook was one of Penguin’s favorite stops.  The terrain was a little harsh for his little waddling body, but he survived.


On the last day, there were no worries, Penguin found his relatives at the Antarctic Center in Christchurch.  He was finally happy and was okay with going home to Wisconsin that afternoon.



Written by: Beth Ellison

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