Day 3 of our Geography Capstone was spent in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park at several sites. We dealt with rain much    of the morning, but were received by more pleasant weather for our afternoon hike in search of flowing lava!

   Field Stop 11: Visited the Great Crack on the Southwest Rift Zone of Kilauea.
   Field Stop 12: Viewed the Halemaumau Crater inside the Kilauea Caldera.
   Field Stop 13: Hiked the Napau Trail to the top of the ancient Pu'u Huluhulu Cone to view Mauna Ulu and the active
     Pu'u' O'o vent in the Napau Crater.
   Field Stop 14: Visited the Holei Sea Arch along the coast near the southern end of Chain of Craters Road.
   FUN stop: We ventured out on a lava hike and did not return until after dark. Did we see any? Read on to find the answer.

   View funky photo gallery of Eau Claire capstone crew on Day 3. We guarantee it will be enjoyable!

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