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Environmental hazards are a part of everyone's lives on planet earth. In order to deal with the potential problems that these hazards create, we must learn effective ways to deal with them. By learning from past events we can become better prepared to protect both life and property from the devastating effects of environmental hazards.

Abstract of Site

On July 30 th, 1977 at 8:02 pm a tornado touched down at Brunet Island State Park in Cornell, WI. The tornado was estimated to be a F1 on the Fujita Scale based on intensity and destruction. Photographs taken and post interviews from the park tell a story of just how the tornado progressed. This website describes the impact of a tornado in 1977. The tornado caused serious damage. Several acres of the park were severely devastated. The objective of this website is to inform people of the dangers of this environmental hazard and the safety procedures that have been developed to deal with disasters such as these at the park. One aspect that is especially highlighted is the up-to-date emergency action plan that is enforced at the park during severe weather and tornado warnings and watches. A basic overview of the park: its location and size, the tornado: its strength and destructive path, and general safety procedures that are now used both at Brunet Island and other state parks in Wisconsin are mentioned in order to understand the vital information needed to deal with future events.




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