Cyclone Mitigation

Steps in Being Prepared

There are many steps that people can take that will leave them prepared for when a cyclone hits. Everyone should develop a family plan, create a disaster kit, have a place to go, and secure your home. The family plan should include assessing the proper risk of each hurricane hazard and have determined escape routes from your home. The disaster supply kit should include such things as water, food, and clothing and flashlights to use in case your family has to wait out the storm for a while. Families should also secure their home before hand to prevent damage from the strong winds. The shutters and doors should be properly secured with bolts, while the frame joists should be strapped together.


Local Preparation Efforts

With the increased awareness of the danger of cyclones in Bangladesh’s coast, measures are now being taken to slow these storm surges and to evacuate people to specific locations. The flat, agricultural landscape of the coast offers little protection against the massive storm surges from a cyclone. People are now starting to plant mangrove trees in specific areas to serve as a natural barrier against the water. Cyclone walls are being built to protect against a surge as well.

mangrove trees

A cyclone wall is serves as a protection from a storm surge, as well as a quick evacuation route in the event of a cyclone.

cyclone wall


Cyclone Shelters

Ever since the 1991 cyclone catastrophe, numerous cyclone shelters have been built to provide a safe have for local people. These buildings are built at a height of 7 meters above ground and are made to withstand a potential storm surge. There is a need for community and government contribution for the construction of flood-proofed access routes to cyclone shelters. The construction of coastal embankments might also serve as a potential protection against the storm surges.


cyclone sheltercyclone sheltercyclone sheltercyclone sheltercyclone sheltercyclone sheltercyclone shelter

cyclone shelter




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