Jessica Kiperts 

                                                                      Geography 361 Environmental hazards      



                                  HURRICANE ANDREW

                         AND HOMESTEAD, FLORIDA


  Around twelve years ago America experienced its costliest natural disaster ever, Hurricane Andrew.  This hurricane managed to create a $30 billion worth in damages throughout its path of destruction showing no mercy and stripping over 180,000 people of their homes.  While Andrew tore through the city of Homestead, Florida he took 1167 out of the 1176 mobile homes with him, and never looked back.  He also managed to shut down the Homestead Air Force Base which ended up costing the city around $3 billion. Throughout the life of Hurricane Andrew, he teamed up with several other severe weather conditions that prevailed over Homestead and other cities in Florida as well as Louisiana.  These severe weather conditions ranged from massive floods and spin-off tornadoes to violent wind speeds that reached 165mph and wind gusts that hit 175mph. In Homestead, their wind speeds actually reached the maximum of 165mph.  They truly experienced the wrath this natural phenomenon had to unleash.