1906 Earthquake and Fire


The 1906 Earthquake is notibale for two reasons. The first being the seintific knowledge that was learned from the earth quake. The second being the fire that burned through the city of San Francisco. This caused the earthquake to be known as the San Fransico earthquake. The destruction cuased by the and fire left a section of the city measuring 4.7 square miles in ruins. To the left is a proclamation from the San Francisco virtual museum (address on links page) from the mayor of the city. The proclamation shows the level of destruction that happened to the city. In it Mayor Schmitz declarize martial law, he autherizes the death of anybody commiting a crime. He also warns of the fire risks that were present in the city. This is an indicator of what the city went through during the earthquake and the days that followed. Within this site will be found information on both the Earthquake and Fire, the ephasas however will be placed on the fire. Follow the links to the desired page.