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.: Introduction

On Thursday, October 18 our geography 304 class traveled to Crystal Cave to examine karst topography and karst processes. We arrived at Crystal cave at approximately 1:45 PM. Shortly after arrival, our tour of Crystal Cave began as Blaze, our tour guide, gave us a brief introduction before heading into the cave. Blaze’s introduction was our first stop of the day. At our first stop, we were able to see one of the most common karst landforms, a sinkhole. From there, we ventured into the cave where we would complete the rest of our stops for the field trip. Stop two was the first floor of the cave. At this stop, Blaze gave us a short history of the cave as well as some information about the rock that forms the cave. After stop two, Blaze guided us to the lowest level of the cave, called the Ballroom. Stop three not only had a number of visible cave processes, but also had some cave bats which are very common in caves. Our next stop was called Mary’s Maze. Mary’s Maze was characterized by a number of joints in the ceiling and flow stone on the walls of the cave. Also, connected to Mary’s Maze is the bat cave which was discovered in 1991. After Mary’s Maze, we went into the Refrigerator Room. This room was appropriately named because it is the coolest room of the cave. From here, we went to stop six which was called the Ghost and Goblin Room because of the formations on the walls that resemble common horror film characters. At stop six, there were also fossils near the Ghost and Goblin room that Blaze commented on. After the Ghost and Goblin room, we went into a room that was famous for its soda straw formations. Also in this room, Blaze talked a bit about the age of the cave and how the age can be determined. Stop eight was our last stop of the day. Stop eight was in a room called the wish room where people can put coins on the wall and make a wish.

.: Location

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