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Cave Formation

The Ballroom

Wet Room


Crystal Cave Home


A Trip to Crystal Cave


On November 7 th, 2005 the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s geomorphology class visited Crystal Cave. The cave is located just outside of Spring Valley, Wisconsin on highway 29 just off of Interstate 94. The trip was lead by geologist and owner of the cave, Blaze Cunningham.

The cave was discovered in 1881 by two local farm boys. Only the first two levels of the cave were explored until 1941 when debris was removed from the lower levels. It was recorded that in 1942, over 4,000 people visited the official opening of the cave.

New discoveries are still being made today. In 1991 a new section of the cave was found. The presence of more rooms was detected by air flowing from the rooms. As the new area is explored, it makes it the longest cave in Wisconsin.


Map to Crystal Cave


A few images from our trip


A great veiw of the ceiling of the cave

Blaze Cunningham tells us more about the cave

Some beautilful cave fromations

CrA view of a water drying crack from below the surface


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