Jim (in his first year at UWEC, 1983)                                    Jim’s 2014 work on UW-Eau Claire’s centennial history



Budapest 2013

Jim in Budapest, 2013, observing a political rally outside the Hungarian Parliament. (Jim's translation of the sign: "Don't let fascism heat up in our country. Condemn and repudiate associations with neo-nazism.")


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Just published:  “Julius Drachsler’s *Intermarriage in New York City*:  A Study in Historical Replication” in *Historical Methods* 47, no. 2 (2014): 98-115.   

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Jim’s next book on migration from the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and its successor states to the U.S., 1870-1940, co-authored with colleagues at the University of Vienna, hosted by the Center for Austrian Studies, University of Minnesota, and sponsored by the Botstiber Foundation.

Jim's sabbatical appointment as a Fulbright professor in Hungary, Spring 2013

Jim's sabbatical appointment at the Columbia University Population Research Center, Fall 2012

Jim’s 2005 bookA Nation of Statesmen: The Political Culture of the Stockbridge-Munsee Mohicans, 1815-1974 (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, available in paperback)


UWEC students at CPE with Prof. Robert Fogel, January 2007, to present their research on malaria and dysentery in the Union Army at the Vicksburg (1863) campaign.




Jim at a Roma market, Transylvania


James Oberly

Department of History                       
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713 Hibbard Hall
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Monday-Wednesday 1:00-150; 5-5:50, and by appointment

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Spring 2014

History 336, Section 901, "US Civil War & Reconstruction," MWF 12:00-12:50 (note: this is a UWEC "hybrid" course with some class meetings on MWF held online)

History 489, Section 001, "Senior Thesis Capstone in History," M, 6-8

History 280, Section 001/901 “Central European Travel Seminar”





Jim in ancestral home town, Prešov Slovak Republic



Jim, outside his Fulbright lectureship home in Budapest, Hungary

at Károli Gaspar Reform University, 17 Bölcsészettudományi.








Jim and Fulbright scholars meet the Hungarian Parliament to discuss educational policy in the US and in Hungary.