Theme Parks: U.S. and Abroad

Here is a sampling of U.S. and international theme parks:
1) Six Flags Theme Parks: a Time Warner Entertainment Company, is the #2 theme and recreation park company in the United States and the nation's largest regional theme park company, hosting over 21 million visitors a year. An estimated 85 percent of all Americans live within driving distance of the Six Flags theme parks at these locations:

2) Grand Olde Opryland in Nashville, TN -- torn down!
3) Bibleland in southeastern Ohio -- I have never been able to confirm this one.
4) Wonderful World of Oz (planned) in Kansas City, KS
5) Splendid China in Orlando, FL
6) Disney World in Orlando, FL
7) Disneyland Tokyo, Japan
8) Euro Disney, renamed in 1996 as Disneyland Paris, France
9) Disneyland Hong Kong
10) Warner Brothers' film park in the Ruhr Valley, Germany
11) Disneyland in Shanghai