African-Americans in the South

In this section of the course, we examine the distinctive landscapes created by blacks, particularly in the South. Where do blacks live today? See a county-based map. The South is a very complex region and deserves a thorough review, but in this course we follow only a few strands of its history  that is still visible in the landscape (as shown in the table below). If other southern topics interest you, check out the many books and journals in the library and these web sites. The National Park Service provides information on the African-American heritage in the South.  
listen to the Blues and another Blues; and a song of the history of the Blues.

U. S. Slavery

Southern Plantation Landscapes

Urban Slavery and Free Blacks


Black Slave Owners



New Orleans


The Civil War/War between the States

Reconstruction Landscapes | Renaming Place Names in the South

All Black Towns

White and Black Towns in the Delta

 Banishment of Blacks

Lincoln's Emancipation ProclamationU.S. Constitution and Civil Rights

Black Music and Northern Migration | Kansas City black community

 Another part of the South: the Colonial Spanish settlement of Saint Augustine, FL