French Canada

French Canada is distinctive in several ways from the rest of Canada and the United States. For more information on and images of French Canada, see Don Stone's web site (Geography 290, Regions of Canada, at Malapsina University-College, British Columbia, Canada). Optional: for more information and thematic maps, check out the Census of Canada. Are Canada and USA becoming one? Answer! [Map from The Economist, 26 June 2004.]

French culture:
* language
* house types
* Quebec City

 Long lot survey:
* long lots
* communal village properties
* shoe-string village

Roman Catholicism:
   * private shrines
* public shrines
* parish churches
* pilgrimage centers    

* Rural poverty
* Ethnic prejudice
* Topographic map, Vercheres 1:50,000

* Review French Canadian landscape features   
(For a Polish pilgrimage cultural landscape example, see UNESCO.)