Las Vegas: Geography of Sin & Sexism

Las Vegas is a perfect reflection of America -- Kurt Anderson, "Las Vegas," Time, January 1994, pp.36-43
Las Vegas is a metaphor for the USA (environmentally unsustainable casino capitalism) -- Ingolf Vogeler

Background notes on this topic.


Las Vegas has romanticized and commercialized the Western Cowboy Myth with all of its "fun" in contrast to Christian notions of sinning:
gambling in casinos
2) sensual & sexual entertainment
drinking alcohol ("getting drunk") -- Sin City beer (light, amber, and weisse) is available in many bars in Las Vegas.
4) staying up all night
over-eating [cheap food (1997 prices) and all-you-can-eat menus]

Examine the map of major land uses in Las Vegas, before visiting the areas on the map here! Visit the famous and not so famous areas of Las Vegas. Click on the six bold black labels on the yellow map.

The Western Myth lives at the National Rodeo Finals, held each year in Las Vegas.

Locals call the areas beyond The Strip as the "back lot," the area beyond movie studios -- this reflects the influence of Hollywood on the design of casino hotels.

Nevada is unusual for another reason: The Extraterrestrial Highway -- from Warm Springs in the north and to Alamo in the south -- has been designated by the governor as "the most important monument in the state's history" (The Economist, April 20, 1996, p. 22). Another "artificial" landscape to attract tourists?