American Indian Landscapes

Where do Indians live in the Unites States? See a county-based map and a map of Indian reservations. Watch the expansion of white settlement across the USA: the spread of counties, spread of states, and the spread of population. Listen to Buffy Sainte-Marie sing what happened to the Indians.

Explore various aspects of Native American cultures and the interaction with the invading European cultures that created the distinctive cultural landscapes of the American Indians:
1) original Indian cultural areas and 
2) U.S. Indian Government Policies and their Impact on Reservation Landscapes
Read what the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs said at the 175th anniversary of the establishment of the Bureau.
Examine the spatial expansion of U.S. land hegemony and the retreat of Indian lands.
Great Plains Indians: Southwest Indians:
South Dakota reservations Mesa Verde National Park
Eastern Woodland Indians: Taos agriculture
Wisconsin reservations Hopi Navajo
West Coast Indians: California Pueblo Indians

Additional option materials:
1) Indian casinos in California and in Connecticut
2) Law suit about the BIA's mismanagement of the Individual Indian Money accounts
3) A useful web site: Native Americans. For other Indian sites, search
4) Read about Cheyenne River reservation in South Dakota and "buffalo tourism."
5) Read how syphilis actually spread from the "New World" to the "Old World."


In ITALY’S 2008 general election, voters in the north of the country were greeted by posters showing a Native American chief in feathered headdress (photo on the left). The caption read: “They suffered immigration, now they live on reservations.” The posters were the work of the Northern League, a regionalist grouping that blames immigrants and globalization for many of Italy’s problems. The party struck a chord: it almost doubled its share of the vote.

Optional: Read an article about Indians and treaty arrangements in Canada.