Hutterites in North America

About 36,000 Hutterites live in 434 colonies in North America today. Where do the Hutterites live?
The Hutterites are divided into three groups: 1) Schmiedeleut subdivided into two groups, the Hutterian Brethren and the Committee Hutterites, in 1992. The Schmiedeleut are all found in Manitoba; and North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. 2) Dariusleut; and 3) Lehrerleut. The Lehrerleut and the Dariusleut are located in Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Colombia; and Montana and Washington.
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When a colony reaches about 130 people, a new colony is established. In 1917, South Dakota had 17 colonies but with the outbreak of World War I, the pacifists Hutterites were mistreated and they resettled in Canada. By the 1920s, some of the Hutterites bought back some of their land in the U.S. Read an article on the "40 Mile" Colony, located between Hardin, Montana, and Sheridan, Wyoming.

Tour the Hutterite colonies in Manitoba, Canada. Alternative, communal, and separatist groups are frequently misunderstood, disliked, and hated. After the National Geographic magazine ran a story on one Hutterite colony, a reader wrote to the editors: "Apparently the writer [of the article] feels 'comfortable' in a society that is religiously intolerant, treats women as chattel, and does not welcome people of other races.  I agree with him [the writer] on one thing. The Surprise Creek Colony is a paradise -- if you are an Anglo male."

My comment: the Hutterites want to glorify God in their own way -- this is called religious freedom -- and they are not interested in the outside world, regardless of issues of religion, gender, and race. After all, they are not enforcing their views and practices on the outside world, as the Religious Right is currently doing regarding abortions and same-sexmarriage. They want to be left alone to live their peaceful way of life; this seems to be irritating for some outsiders!

All the "traditional" Hutterites live in the Great Plains and Prairie Provinces; but the Bruderhof Communities, who call themselves Hutterian Brethren live in the East. The Hutterian Brethren Church of the Dariusleut and Lehrerleut Conference (with the agreement of many Schmiedleut communities) expelled the "Society of Brothers" [Bruderhof] in 1990.