Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard is probably the best known commercial auto strip associated with the movie industry.
It has often been featured in TV shows and movies. Name some of the important communities through which it runs?

Answer: Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Hollywood -- in Hollywood there is a unique place: check it out.
In March 2005, here is what it looked like.

The heavily subsidized tourist redevelopment of Hollywood reflects the public expectations as a filmic center. This created image and cityscape contrasts with the adjacent decaying area. "Hollywood has become a theme park feeding on its own culture industry" (Source: Leon Zonn reviewing Cinema and the City: Film and Urban Societies in a Global Context, Annals, vol. 93, no. 1, March 2003, p. 244).

The status and fame of this part of Los Angeles has spread to Seoul, South Korea, where the nouveaux riches indulge themselves buying luxury foreign brands at exorbitant prices along Rodeo Drive, a deliberate copy of its namesake from Beverly Hills!