High Amana Map. [West Amana is shown in the photo.] Study the different symbols and colors and their relationships to each other on the map below. Note the elevations on this section of the map. In preparation for your topographic map assignment, examine a contour map. Then click on the red areas to see a photo of the particular land use.


Electronic versions of this map are available at Trails.com.

For more information, visit the Amana Colonies tourist web site.

Erik Dammann, a Norwegian environmentalist, says "that the U.S. must be the hardest country to correct [improve] in the world. Americans are always open to discussing values at a personal level, but when you mention opposition to the system, they think you are a communist." By living by their own values the utopian communities, were, of course, challenging the dominant institutions and found themselves not only called communists (many of which were small "c" communists as the Bible commanded them!) but also threatened, economically, and violently. Sometimes members were imprisoned and even killed by the dominant institutions and hostile individuals.