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Americans spend more each year on "beauty" ($160 billion) than they do on education (2002).
More people file for bankruptcy than graduate from college (2003).

Almost 33 percent of students do not take courses that involve more than 40 pages of reading in one semester (2012) -- not in this course!
43 percent of all grades at four-year universities are As, an increase of 28 percent since 1960 -- not in this course!
Grade point averages increased from 2.52 in the 1950s to 3.11 in 2006 -- not in this course!

This course is not about what you know, but about being excited about the things you don't know!

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Course Objectives and Responsibilities
Lecture Topics and Assignments:
Assignments: Project#1 and Project#2
Tour of the Third World
Tour of Western Europe
Tour of U.S. Agriculture
Course grade
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Optional material:
What on Earth? Learn the location of countries, amazing geographical facts, more amazing facts, and see the world differently. 
Do you really, really want to learn? How to take multiple-choice tests and to write essay examinations.
Dead grandmothers and tests | Critical thinking skills | What do students think of this course? |
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Be sure to relate the learning in this course to the goals of the UWEC baccalaureate degree.

UWEC wants you to know: "Any student who has a disability and is in need of classroom accommodations,
 the Services for Students with Disabilities Office in Old Library 2136 at the beginning of the semester."

"I consider any academic misconduct in this course as a serious offense, and I will pursue the strongest possible academic penalties for such behavior.The disciplinary procedures and penalties for academic misconduct are described in the UW-Eau Claire Student Services and Standards Handbook ( in Chapter UWS 14—Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures.” 

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