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Ingolf Vogeler was born in northern Germany, raised in southern Canada, and earned a Ph.D. in the Midwestern United States. As a human geographer, I specialize in rural areas and cultural landscapes and have been at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire since 1977. I have (co)authored and (co)edited four books, and published 12 chapters and 43 articles on topics ranging from village types in Germany, U.S. agriculture, and militarized international borders to cultural diversity topics, dialectical thinking, and web-based teaching methods. I (co)edited the Journal of Geography and edited 19 U.S. state geography books in the Westview Press series. I have traveled in over 90 past, present, and wannabe countries. I am happiest when travelling and learning about geography. This web site documents the best of my fascination with geography, travel, teaching, and research.

rice field: Japanese stamp My newest book, Critical Cultural Landscapes of North America, is now available in pdf format.

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