Valley of Oaxaca Markets

Every Mexican town has one or more permanent markets, one of which is larger on a particular day of the week, called a periodic market. Goods and services that lack a permanent market can only function periodically as itinerant merchants move from town to another hoping to get enough trade to stay in business. The map shows the periodic market days for the towns in the Valley of Oaxaca. "Farmers Markets" have re-appearing in many USA cities in the last ten years, and they flourish in Europe. Throughout Mexico, Sunday is a popular day for periodic street markets, as this photo of Mexico City shows.

Oaxaca City itself has four permanent markets, south of the zocalo: 1) Mercado Juarez -- the original town market which today sells mainly foods (meat, vegetables) and dry goods, such as dresses, woven blankets, metal goods, etc.; 2) Mercado 20 de Novembre -- more dry goods and handicrafts from the Oaxaca region;  3) Mercado de Artesanias -- this is the handicraft market; and 4) Mercado Acastos -- is the newest and largest and sells everything that the other markets do and then some: pigs, goats, charcoal, lumber, and pottery. Saturday is the largest market day in Oaxaca.

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Palm Friday
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religious icons


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cane sugar
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Palm Friday products
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street food

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rolling up string cheese

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prepared food

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dried fish

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pots & pans


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dried grasshoppers raised by farmers

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goats at Saturday market
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mole & cheese

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Mercado 20 de

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 market5.jpg (41174 bytes)

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Mercado de

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dried peppers

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green pottery 

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baskets & rope

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silk flowers

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mole & chocolate

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grains & beans

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market street

Mercado Acastos

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tropical fruits

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