The talented physicist Matt and his brother Perdo.


Our daddio


"I still want my job, really I'm not insane!"


I really wonder why I didn't get a modeling contract.

Race Day...I have to learn to stand in profile; I do short and wide too well.

Someone thought this was funny after seeing our shorts.

John and Julietta chwoke up EARLY to come out to cheer!

Asking for a smile resulted in a rather pained grimace!

Julietta wondered if the short shorts could be shorter next year.

Dd and Joey waiting...and waiting...and waiting on Superior Street.

The stunning display of sideburns was cheered by many!

Someone suggested I was doing the "Y-M-C-A" dance in this photo.

I swear that my legs are twice as wide as Jim's.

The whole family.

Jarrow visits with Pre!

This is aphoto of Jim not throwing up after the race.


Scott Keenen, the race director, asked what color ribbons would go with our outfits. He's such a nice guy to let us match.




Annual Post-race beers at Fitgers with Centralites Duane Jacobson and Rod Raymond!

Rod said this was a good recovery drink. I believed him...numerous times.

Pre would have had a few with us.


Pre-1 and Pre-2 check their results. Pre-2 was 3rd in his division (first ever award at Gmas for an Evans)


In case you need to know what pre looks like here are a few pics; the one in color may look like Pre, but it is me.