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University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

  Dr. Maria DaCosta

“Implementation of a cluster based local development strategy: A comparative analysis of  Danish and American experiences based on the medium size town regions of Eau Claire (WI) and Sønderborg," co-authored with Andreas P. Cornett and Mads B. Ingstrup, in Uddevalla Symposium 2011 on “Entrepreneurial Knowledge, Technology and Transformation of Regions,” ed. Irene Bernhard. University West, Sweden. (PDF file)

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"Product Country-of-Origin Perceptions of Portuguese Consumers," (co-authored) 2001 AMA Educators' Proceedings, American Marketing Association Conference, Washington, DC.  Presentation August 11-14, 2001, Washington DC.

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"The Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and the Gulf Cooperation Council: An Overview and Implications," (co-authored) Managerial Finance, Vol. 26, Number 1, Spring 2000, pp. 14-25.

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"Contributo para a compreensão da crise asiática: o que correu mal," (Insights into the Asian Crisis: What Went Wrong) Política Internacional Nº 17, Primavera/Verão 1998.

"Linking Macro Economic Policy to Human Development: Evidence from East Asia," Proceedings of the Third Annual Economic Summit, United Nations Development Programme,  Aruba, 1997.

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"Travelling in Vietnam - a Chinese Experience," (general interest article) Mandarin Training Center Quarterly, National Taiwan Normal University, June 1996.

"Why Do Small Towns Lose Retail Business?: An Empirical Investigation," (co-authored), The Mid-Atlantic Journal of Business, Vol. 30, No. 3, December 1994.

"Advertising and Profitability: Testing Alternative Hypotheses," (co-authored), Studies in Economic Analysis, Vol. 14, No. 1, Spring 1992.

"Regional Investment Programs and the Impact on Narrowing of the Center/Periphery Gap in the EEC: The Portuguese Case," (co-authored), Working Paper No. 71, Department of Economics, Northeastern University, October 1991. Also published in Proceedings of the 31st Regional Science Association European Congress, Volume II, Tome 1, pp. 183-208, August 27-30, 1991, Lisbon, Portugal.

"The Budget Deficit and Trade Deficit: Insights into this Relationship," (co-authored), Eastern Economic Journal, Vol. XVI, No. 4, October-December, 1990.

"Nonsurvey Input-Output Techniques: An Overview," Working Paper No. 34, Department of Economics, Northeastern University, October 1987.


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