University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Chemistry 411

Survey of Industrial Chemistry

Term:    Fall 2011

Time Location
M W F  10 - 10:50 am  P 104


Dr. Michael J. Carney, Office:  P 453, Phone 836-3500


Office Hours

T 9-10 AM, W 1-2:30 PM, R 8-9 AM (or by appointment).

OPEN DOOR POLICY: If my office door is open, you are welcome to drop in with questions. If I am not in my office, please look for me in my research lab (Phillips 479). 

Primary Textbook

Chenier, P.J.  Survey of Industrial Chemistry, 3rd edition, Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers:  New York, NY, 2002.  Available in the rental textbook library.

Course Syllabus


All course materials can be accessed via the D2L site


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