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 Dr. Susan Diemert Moch

Dr. Moch collaborates with students, university colleagues, alums and the community in teaching, conducting research and providing health-related services in the Eau Claire area. She also works with health care agencies in the state and the regional area in integrating research into the practice environment.

“Creating possibilities through collaborating with others" is Dr. Moch’s motto. Current possibilities include evidence-based practice projects with Community Health Partnerships, the Alaska Native Medical Center and several health care agencies in the Eau Claire area. Through her work with teams of undergraduate and graduate students, Dr. Moch makes evidence-based practice become a reality for the practice and teaching arenas.

A connection with a breast cancer researcher colleague in Florida, is advancing health for women and families dealing with breast cancer. Dr. Moch and the research team is refining a template for healing in breast cancer.

Through a Wellness in the Work World Class, Dr. Moch and students are working with eight different agencies in the Eau Claire area to promote wellness. This collaboration with Sacred Heart Hospital and Luther-Midelfort Health System and others is a win-win collaboration that combines teaching, research and health care practice.