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My career has taken a winding path. From working at a bank, to building and managing a health and racquetball club, teaching people how to fly motorized hang gliders, to having Seymour Cray teach my oldest daughter how to shoot spit wads, it has been, and continues to be, an interesting ride.

I started working for UW-Eau Claire in 1989 managing what was then called the administrative B-20 support area. In the early 90s I became the manager of the newly formed support group called Desktop Computing.

This group's mission was to support all faculty and staff desktops/laptops including software support, automated imaging, security management, research, and hardware repair. We migrated users from B-20s and Windows 3.x to WindowsNT in the "early days". Currently Desktop Computing supports Windows 7, Windows 8 on tablets, along with Office2013, and a number of other programs such as Lync. They also beta test various software packages that someday might end up being implemented on our campus.

In the summer of 2005 I was named UW-Eau Claire's Chief Information Officer. I also took on the role of project manager in 2008 to help our campus implement our new student administrative system; Oracle's Campus Solutions, which we refer to as MyBlugold CampS. I started leading a Continious Improvement Services group in 2015 to help our clients increase efficiencies while providing better service to our students with value stream mapping, creating electronic workflows, and project management. I oversee the management of our Blugold Supercomputing Cluster (BGSC) and IT security reports to me.

I continue to act as UW-Eau Claire's Chief Information Officer. I represent UW-Eau Claire at the CIO council as vice-chair, former chair of the ITMC and current chair of the SIS Exec committees, member of University Senate, and other agencies.

Interests include photography, kayaking, high performance computing, various shooting disciplines; F-Class, Trap, Bullseye. I also have advanced SCUBA certifications and a private pilot license, none of which I use any more.